The German project STAHLSCHLAG was created in the first half of 00s to produce smashing rhythmic noise songs with influences of post-industrial genres as dark electro, techno body music and electro-industrial mixed with with oldschool sound influences and ambient pieces to cover a wide range of dark electronic music. Their powerful rhythmic compositions are intended both for home listening and for industrial dancefloor madness. The project released sixth studio full-length albums over 13 years via different labels but also offer their music for free and continue to do so forever. They also did several collaborations with genre related artists for remix exchanges which were published on several releases too. There is also an ongoing Christmas release to turn classic Christmas tracks into noisy industrial songs which will get a new song every year.
The project has released at Telegrammetry / Hypervoxx Recordings from 2007 – 2010 and at Synth-Me from 2016 – 2019. All coming releases will be released by Crunch Pod.
You can find all releases at: and at all major streaming services.
New songs and remixes can be found at soundcloud:
I also host a regular radio show called “Electro Industrial Noise” at FlatlinesRadio. Check out the radio station for the best in Neofolk, EBM, Gothic and Industrial.
STAHLSCHLAG Discography:
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7 minutes ago


Something great is coming!

This is just a little preview of a remix work I did for my mate BolPaVoXmusic. His new album will be released on 21st September 2019.

It will be one of the best releases this year!

Another preview of my upcoming album.
Now my track "Nevermind" in the fusion of my amazing mate STAHLSCHLAG

Check his amazing world of noise!

Thank You so much for joining my world mate 🖤🎶
I am appreciate it so much! 🔥

On September the 21st it's time to joining a special world. Feel Welcome and stay tuned for more 🎶

#StahlSchlag #BolPaVoX #nevermind #fusion #remix #Ritual #transformation #upcomingalbum #myworld #spiritual #elementary #beonewithit #underground #dark #universe #otherworld

#industrial #powernoise #noise #rhythmicnoise #rhythmicnoisemusic #machine #individual #artist #musician #thatswhywedowhatwedo

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1 day ago


I love to see a shirt in the wild. 😁

You have to check out Saras amazing work! She creates great guirar noise with awesome vocals. 🖤🖤🖤

#Repost @saraohm81
• • • • • •
Tired after an early morning recording three new songs 😍❤️😁 and also very happy to be wearing my new favourite @stahlschlag_official t-shirt which is AMAZING and I love it!!! Thank you so much my dear friend @stahlschlag_official and also, you and @re_alpha should keep an eye out here in say two hours or so ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️😁😍😍😍
#stahlschlag #fan #love #noisemusic #loudmusicmatters #saraohm #merch #gear #spreadshirt ##shirt #fundustrial #thankyou

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2 days ago


This remix work is for Silence in Machine @silence_in_machine_official . 🖤 I can't help it but I love to do some remix stuff on weekends. 😁

5 more remixes to do and then it is time so slow it down.

#stahlschlag #silenceinmachine #industrialmusic #electronicmusic #gothindustrial
#industrialgoth #remixwork #aggrotech #renoise #tracker #daw #arrangement #cyberindustrial #weekendstuff #harshebm #horrorindustrial

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3 days ago


It is so awesome to be a part of the new single "Liebe mich" by Chris Keya, T[ERROR] and Cat Hall. It is such a great song and the release has amazing remixes. 🖤

Check it out!

Chris Keya, Terror Band, Cat Hall / Dissonance, Leifendeth, Code : Red Core, Areal Kollen, Shane Aungst Offical, Viscera Drip, Konstantin Cat

Liebe Mich, by Chris Keya, T[ERROR], Cat Hall / Dissonance
8 track album

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