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The STAHLSCHLAG Industrial – Power Noise – Project was founded in February 2006 and celebrates it 10th anniversary this year.

New songs and remixes can be found at soundcloud:

In 2007 it signed with the US-Label Telegrammetry/Hypervoxx and the label relaesed their first full time album “Acousticophobie” in April 2007.

Between 2006 and 2009 some songs took part on various compilations like Extreme Sündenfall and Extreme Störfrequenz and produced the full time releases “Attacke!” and “Average Aggressive” without a label for free. More songs of STAHLSCHLAG were on several online compilations all around the world and some concerts were performed at several Clubs in Germany.

In 2016 it signed with the Russian Online Label Synth Me which released the latest album “Aftermath”.

The style of STAHLSCHLAG can be described as a mix of Industrial, Noise and Ambient sounds and much more influences of a wide range of electronic music like Techno, IDM, EBM, etc..


Songs on Compilations: