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The STAHLSCHLAG Industrial – Power Noise – Project was founded in February 2006 by Sebastian and Nicole. It describes its style as a mix of different music genres like Industrial, Noise and Ambient, maybe some other stuff too.
The project got some attention in 2007 as it signed with the US-Label Telegrammetry/Hypervoxx. Their first album called “Acousticophobie” was released there in April 2007. Their second album “Anthropocene” was released there too. Nicole and Sebastian splitted up after that release and Sebastian continued the work on STAHLSCHLAG on his own.
Sebastian was also performing live on stage at some concerts during 2009 and 2014. One was a performance on a festival with bands like X-RX and Xotox. Pictures are available at:
The two following albums “Attacke!” and “Average Aggressive” were self released while STAHLSCHLAG signed with two online labels in 2016 to distribute his recent work “Aftermath”. The labels are Synth Me and Dark Ace Records
A new special relases just came out. “Freizeitlärm” is a special album with rare and unreleases remixes for and by STAHLSCHLAG.
STAHLSCHLAG Discography:
Songs on Compilations:

16 hours ago


The release of my new album comes closer. It will be released on a limited CD too. Message me, if you want one, so I can reserve it for you. 😊

"Annihilation" will be released on January 31 for free on #bandcamp, on all important streaming services and on CD.

With awesome remixes by @dirtykmusicuk, BolPaVoXmusic, @darkmachinenation, #laud23, @darkycybernexi, #insectrum, @renflow_beats, #bitchperminute, @cesarzoonosis, @chris_keya, @lady_apocalypse_666, @traumadol_official.

#stahlschlag #teaser #industrialmusic #electroindustrial #industrialdance, #cyberindustrial, #industrialnoise, #industrialtechno, #ebm, #darkelectro, #cybergoth, #gothic, #goth, #rhythmicnoise, #technoindustrial #gothindustrial

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18 hours ago


Check out this remix for my coming release "Annihilation".

"STAHLSCHLAG - Dazzling White (Insectrum Remix)"

Thank you so much INSECTRUM!

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2 days ago


Thank you so much Chelle for buying and wearing a STAHLSCHLAG tee. I appreciate it a lot! <3

Please also check out her art at Chelle Aberrant Art.

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6 days ago


It is almost Friday. So it is time to announce the new "Electro Industrial Noise" playlist at Flatlines Radio - Hommage an die dunkle Musik auf

C- Phalea - Harsh Environment
[organic_cage] - Noisebleed
WalkingKorpse - Non Doctrina
TERRORFAKT - Achtung! (Cervello Elettronico Remix)
Dirty K - 7. Torrent Of Fury [Rearmed By DOOMER]
Winterkaelte- Rebound Effect Vs Sustainability
Otto Van Kleist (Sona Nyl) - The False Rejected Self-perception In Three Acts (I : Paranoia - II : Pain Paroxys - III : Guilt)
MissSuicide - Todesfuge
Nullvektor - Hochofen
STAHLSCHLAG - Dazzling White (INSECTRUM Remix)
hypnoskull - Operation Tough Guy
Noiz+zilenth (Official Fan Page) - Nebun D' Zmogoth
Polarlicht 4.1 - Point of No Return
13th Monkey - Tremor
Bitch Per Minute - Watto's World
Monolith - The Inner Core
Stainless.4571 - Punisher 1.0
Monokrom - 1610
Missratener Sohn - Infected
Haus Arafna - The Last Dream Of Jesus
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Stretched With
Catholic Boys in Heavy Leather - Tube Breath
Chainreactor - Dystopia
Simon Schall - Aufstand Der Gleichgültigkeit
Coreline - Overdrive
STAHLSCHLAG - Carol of the bells

The shedule for the playlist is:
- Friday:12-07 - 10pm CET
- Saturday: 12-08 - 11am CET
- Tuesday: 12-11 - 9am CET
- Wednesday: 12-12 12am CET
- Thursday: 12-13 11am CET
★ ★ The Ghost of Bela Lugosi, Ramones, Matthias Schuster, Joy Division, Goblin, Einstürzende Neubauten, Der Moderne Man, Atrocity, Tiamat, The Cure ★

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