Electro Industrial Noise

The project STAHLSCHLAG was created in the first half of 00s to produce smashing rhythmic noise songs with influences of post-industrial genres as dark electro, techno body music and electro-industrial mixed with with oldschool sound influences and ambient pieces to cover a wide range of dark electronic music. Their powerful rhythmic compositions are intended both for home listening and for industrial dancefloor madness. STAHLSCHLAG released seven studio full-length albums, three remix specials, and a lot of remixes over 17 years. The albums were released over several labels and most of the stuff is available for free on Bandcamp and at all major streaming services.


Fundustrial / Cyberindustrial

Fundustrial is a side project that is all about having fun with fast beats, technoid sounds paired with samples from cartoons. The selection is made according to whether I had to laugh while watching. The idea of the project is inspired by the Cybergothindustrial music of the 2000s. It's also about not always taking everything so seriously, because music is passion and fun for me.

In Tenebris

Dark Ambient

The project In Tenebris stands for the darkness in me and helps to express this darkness through creative energy. It's also an opportunity to create something completely different, as I value slow and intense sounds that are meant to take you to another world.


Harsh Noise

Just harsh noise because it is fun.





Auditory Stimuli

More Zones of Silence


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