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STAHLSCHLAG is a German Electro Industrial Noise Project. It was founded by Sebastian and Nicole in 2006. The sound of the duo is a mix of powerful rhythmic compositions with influences of Post-Industrial gernres like Dark Electro, TBM mixed with ambient.
The project has released at Telegrammetry / Hypervoxx Recordings from 2007 – 2010 and at Synth-Me from 2016 – 2019. All coming releases will be released by Crunch Pod.
STAHLSCHLAG Discography:
Songs on Compilations:


2 weeks ago


First new song in 2019 and it is quite different from the usual STAHLSCHLAG sound.

This is our first Dark Ambient song. song in 2019 and quite different from the former releases. The style of this song is dark ambient. Free download at

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3 weeks ago


Here is the the new playlist on Flatlines Radio for my slot "Electro Industial Noise" with new songs by MissSuicide, WK & Nitek, negativemeditation & Apocalyptic Flesh Machine.

Tune in at:

MissSuicide - Omnivor
C/A/T - Smashed (Touched By Fabrikc)
Wk & Nitek - Wk - Ydal Devahs
negativemeditation - spasibo
Apocalyptic Flesh Machine - Disturbia
Chris Keya - Totentanz ( STAHLSCHLAG Remix )
=mp45= - Recover
KiEw - Zimmer 72
Strobo.lolita - Glatteis
Converter - Stand Beside Him [And Stab Him In The Neck Mix By Manufactura] (Remastered)
hypnoskull - der neue held
Stahlfrequenz(official) - Schalltherapie
Chainreactor - Beat Control
This Morn' Omina - Ma/I/Nomai
synapscape - Lobotron
iszoloscope - The Sum Of Us All
ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse - Blood Is Merged
Caustic - Drugskill
Alter Der Ruine - Duck And Cover (Endif Remix)
Dulce Liquido - Mental Torture
Feindflug official band profile - Ersatzteil
Shnarph - Reden Und Atmen (Lang)
Komor Kommando - Rhythm Machine
Endif - Error
Project-Stoerfaktor - Leben oder sterben

The shedule for the playlist is:
- Friday 10 pm CET
- Saturday 11 am CET
- Sunday 4 am CET
- Tuesday 9 am CET
- Wednesday 12 am CET
- Thursday 11 am CET
Gothic Radio.

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4 weeks ago


I am so happy to be a part of the new release "Chaos Theory" by Chris Keya with a remix for his great song "Totentanz".

The album is a perfect production of Synthwave mixed with Dark Electro and Industrial. <3

Check it out! 🙂

Chaos Theory, by Chris Keya
14 track album

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1 month ago


STAHLSCHLAG is on the new Orkus! compilation with the song "Hidden Path". 🖤

Ab morgen überall im Zeitschriftenhandel erhältlich. 😉

Thank you Zoomia Medien!

We are on the compilation along with @floriangrey #aiboforcen @seaofsin_official @frank_the_baptist
@lotusfeedband #diesein @nachtfalter_official #hemesath #permablond @psyaviah

#stahlschlag #orkus #hiddenpath #gothmagazine #electroindustrial #industrialnoise #electronicmusic #industrialmusic #rhythmicnoise #cybergoth #gothic #ebm #darkelectro #rhythmnnoise #gothindustrial @ Ahrensburg, Germany

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