The new album “Annihilation” is out now.
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STAHLSCHLAG is a German Electro Industrial Noise Project. It was founded by Sebastian and Nicole in 2006. The sound of the duo is a mix of powerful rhythmic compositions with influences of Post-Industrial gernres like Dark Electro, TBM mixed with ambient.
The project has released at Telegrammetry / Hypervoxx Recordings from 2007 – 2010 and at Synth-Me from 2016 – 2019. All coming releases will be released by Crunch Pod.
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15 hours ago


We are so excited about the coming release "DRANGSTURM" by my good friend Chris Keya. He did a great job together with Terror Band and we made a powerful typical noisy STAHLSCHLAG remix of it. 😉

Chris Keya
DRANGSTURM | We are almost there. Next week, on May 24th Chris Keya & Terror Band new single DRANGSTURM will be released on all the major digital music platforms.
Here, a trailer with all the alternative versions & remixes you'll find within the single.

Alternative Version by : Chris Keya & Terror Band
Remixes by : Shane Aungst Brandt ( DJ Shane ) Areal Kollen & STAHLSCHLAG

Pre-Order DRANGSTURM here :

Das Ende ist nahe, dein Leben schreit
Für die Klage der Toten bereit.

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4 days ago


I would say this year will be a nice year for us and I want to share why.

Well, we released "Annihilation" this year already and I really love that some people seem to enjoy it. <3

But it won't be the only release. We are working on a new release already but it will be quite different. The plan is a more experimental and dark work with a less typcial STAHLSCHLAG sound. We already released kind of music video "Inferis" on YouTube to give an idea how it will sound like. It is also planned to release it as physical for sure on tape and if some people ask for CDs we will think about it too.

We are also happy that we found a proper new label for our future digital releases. It makes us proud that we have been asked to do it there. 🙂

Some more news are that a bunch of remixes by us are on the way to be released and we also did a cover version of a classic 90s dance song for a tribute compilation. Details will be announced soon.

And last but not least we will also perform live on stage on "Tanz den Lärm" with Strobo.lolita, Stotakoj and Mono No Aware in October in Mülheim.

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