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The STAHLSCHLAG Industrial – Power Noise – Project was founded in February 2006 by Sebastian and Nicole. It describes its style as a mix of different music genres like Industrial, Noise and Ambient, maybe some other stuff too.
The project got some attention in 2007 as it signed with the US-Label Telegrammetry/Hypervoxx. Their first album called “Acousticophobie” was released there in April 2007. Their second album “Anthropocene” was released there too. Nicole and Sebastian splitted up after that release and Sebastian continued the work on STAHLSCHLAG on his own.
Sebastian was also performing live on stage at some concerts during 2009 and 2014. One was a performance on a festival with bands like X-RX and Xotox. Pictures are available at:
The two following albums “Attacke!” and “Average Aggressive” were self released while STAHLSCHLAG signed with two online labels in 2016 to distribute his recent work “Aftermath”. The labels are Synth Me and Dark Ace Records
A new special relases just came out. “Freizeitlärm” is a special album with rare and unreleases remixes for and by STAHLSCHLAG.
STAHLSCHLAG Discography:
Songs on Compilations:

20 hours ago


Check out that great release of KRRKRRKRR (damn I hope there is no typo in that again). 😀

It is such a harsh incredible EP and we all love sex, so. 😛

Oh right. Out now.#SEX #KRRKRRKRR

Uh... that's a 6 track EP btw.

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5 days ago


Just found some time to process some clips to create a video for my song "Storm". of video for my song "Storm" from the upcoming album "Annihilation". I made all clips in it by myself and worked on them by some filtes. I think they gi...

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1 week ago


Some short snippets of the awesome remix collaboration with my mate @chris_keya. Check out his stuff and suscribe him to support his art.

Chris remixed the song "Feindbild" of my coming album and he did such a great job, giving that song some very nice synths. I "destroyed" his song "Totentanz" in return and I am glad it will be released on his next album.

I love to do and get remixes of kind unreletated genres. 🖤

#stahlschlag #chriskeya #industrialmusic #electroindustrial #cyberindustrial #synthpop #synthiepop #futurepop #ebm #industrialnoise #industrial #goth #aggrotech #industrialtechno #industrialdance #remix #remixes #bromance

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2 weeks ago


Just in case anyone wants to have STAHLSCHLAG merchandise. At spreadshirt there is just a discount campaign. With the code EARLY18, there is 18% on all products.

Nur für den Fall, dass irgendjemand STAHLSCHLAG Merchandise haben möchte. Bei spreadshirt gibt es gerade eine Rabattaktion. Mit dem Code EARLY18, gibt es 18% auf alle Produkte.

And thank you again Ryan from Dirty K for buying a shirt and modeling for it. <3

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