The German project STAHLSCHLAG was created in the first half of 00s to produce smashing rhythmic noise songs with influences of post-industrial genres as dark electro, techno body music and electro-industrial mixed with with oldschool sound influences and ambient pieces to cover a wide range of dark electronic music. Their powerful rhythmic compositions are intended both for home listening and for industrial dancefloor madness. The project released sixth studio full-length albums over 13 years via different labels but also offer their music for free and continue to do so forever. They also did several collaborations with genre related artists for remix exchanges which were published on several releases too. There is also an ongoing Christmas release to turn classic Christmas tracks into noisy industrial songs which will get a new song every year.
The project has released at Telegrammetry / Hypervoxx Recordings from 2007 – 2010 and at Synth-Me from 2016 – 2019. All coming releases will be released by Crunch Pod.
You can find all releases at: and at all major streaming services.
New songs and remixes can be found at soundcloud:
I also host a regular radio show called “Electro Industrial Noise” at FlatlinesRadio. Check out the radio station for the best in Neofolk, EBM, Gothic and Industrial.
STAHLSCHLAG Discography:
Songs on Compilations:


2 days ago

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2 days ago


My label debut on @crunchpod is out now. 😊🖤

Link also in bio here on insta.

I am very excited and thankful for it. Anthology is a collection of songs from over the last 13 years + exclusive remixes by @dirtykmusicuk @fabrikmutter @catwithslashes and

Artwork by @electronicpassiondesign

#crunchpod #dirtyk #fabrikmutter #catwithslashes
#manufactura #industrialmusic
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2 days ago


Coming on September 17th with some amazing artists and me. 🙂

I did a cover of "No Good (Start The Dance)" because I really love that classic. It brings such good memories back to me.

The compilation will be released on bandcamp and all proceeds generated from sales will be donated to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline '1-800-273-TALK (8255)'JILTED GENERATIONS: AN UNDERGROUND TRIBUTE TO THE PRODIGY


To honor the memory of Keith Flint of The Prodigy, who passed earlier this year, Combustible Designs has gathered an array of underground electronic artists of genres ranging from electro-industrial to breakcore to synth-rock to cover their favorite Prodigy songs for charity.

All proceeds generated from sales of this compilation will be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline '1-800-273-TALK (8255)'.




01. Big Time Kill - Fuel My Fire
02. BILIAN (feat. Doomdriver) - The Day Is My Enemy
03. The Mask Of Sanity - Breathe
04. STAHLSCHLAG - No Good (Start The Dance)
05. Zovi - Firestarter
07. Louis Guidone Musician and Photographer (feat. Mera Roberts) - Smack My Bitch Up
08. Transdusk - Run With The Wolves
09. Flesh Eating Foundation - Nasty
10. Sawtooth (feat. Droast) - Mindfields
11. GOD ASTRAY - Baby's Got A Temper
12. Slighter - Narayan

Cover art by DeBisco Design

Mastered by Robert Galbraith of Component Recordings


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4 days ago


Just a few days left till the release of "Anthology" on @crunchpod 😊

The release is a showcase of the stuff me and the funding member of STAHLSCHLAG did in the last 13 years. So if you are interested, you can get a good impression of our work through that album and you will also get some great exclusive remixes by wonderful artists named @dirtykmusicuk @fabrikmutter @catwithslashes @manufactura

The album will be released on the bandcamp page of Crunch Pod. If you enjoy dark experimental music, check it out and show some love to support their great work.

#crunchpod #dirtyk #cat #catwithslashes #manufactura #fabrikmutter #stahlschlag #anthology #rhythmnnoise #rhythmicnoise #electronicmusic #electroindustrial #industrialnoise #industrialmusic #cyberindustrial #powernoise #fundustrial #harshebm #industrialdance #industrialforindustrialpeople

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